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NEW Strawberry Hibiscus

NEW Strawberry Hibiscus

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NEW LUXURY CHOCOLATE from The Organic House! Organic, Vegan, Gluten/Dairy Free, refined sugar free and Ethically Sourced/Direct Trade! Yes, they check ALL THE BOXES!  

Let's go on a wild flavour ride together. These are some special beans. 

We took out award winning Thailand beans, and blended it with our in house Ontario strawberries, and mixed it with dried Hibiscus flowers. It's a magnificent combination.

This cacao farm is owned and operated by women farmers. 

They were able to create a bean that has so many flavours that you get hit from all angels. A mass amount of tropical fruits hit first and then a beautiful finish that is smooth with toasted brown sugar. Such an amazing Bean to Bar we have here.

Thailand Chanthaburi

Thai-inter cacao is a Family farm and co-op located in the province of Chanthaburi in east Thailand bordering Cambodia. The cocoa beans grown here have very unique flavor characteristics. Tasting notes of tropical fruits - pineapple, mango, and passion fruit, and a hint of brown sugar.

This farm is very special to us, as it is a women owned and operated farm.

Ingredients - Cacao Beans, coconut flower nectar, cacao butter, Ontario Strawberries, organic hibiscus leaves.

Weight 70 grams. Completely compostable packaging. 

SHIPPING & STORAGE- There is a possibility of the chocolates blooming (turning white) during shipping if temperatures exceed 22 C or 71F. Ideal temperature for chocolate is 18-22 degrees celsius/ 64 - 71F. Blooming is when the cocoa, milk and sugar separate, they are still perfectly edible. Do not store near a heat or light source. If you suspect your shipment might sit in a warm mailbox or your outside temperature exceeds this, you may not want to purchase these or upgrade shipping to express on checkout. 




Documentary: The Dark Side of Chocolate 

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