So glad you're here! Your shopping choices makes a difference in the fight against sex trafficking!

Why I Left Etsy & Why I Chose Shopify

Full video of why I left Etsy after three and a half years and what I discovered when I researched which E Commerce businesses have the strongest policies for protecting children on and through their platform.

The following businesses were looked at: Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, Link.Tree and Shopify. 

If you know an Etsy seller please share this video with them. It's important for them to know that Etsy was contacted multiple times by Collective Shout and as of this blog never responded, even with a petition that has over 41,000 signatures.

Incidentally, Collective Shout has worked with other similar companies like Ali Baba who were thankful that violations of their policies were brought to their attention and have even welcome Collective Shout to help them clean up their platform! 

This shows you that it can be done! The integrity of these businesses depends on the values of its owners and shareholders - which are influenced by YOU, the consumer. 

Do your part, sign the petition against Etsy, move your store, find another way to source product and show them in the language they understand (dollars), that you expect more from the places you do business.