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Tips for Parents


Good Pictures, Bad Pictures. Excellent book to read with kids about when they will see 'bad pictures'. Note the Jr. edition and kids edition. 

Parents Program by Culture Reframed, take this self paced online course to learn how to fight for your kids in this toxic pornified culture. 

App Review by Protect Young Eyes. Before you let your kids get a new app on their phone, read these reviews by a Dad and tech guru. 

Understanding Routers. Learn how to put parent control on your router!

Great articles and resources on the brain science behind porn, among other topics: Fight the New Drug

Let kids be kids longer. Join the resistance movement: WAIT UNTIL 8TH. No smart phones until at least grade 8 but most experts say 16! We are doing the 18@18 Challenge! If our daughter doesn't put social media on her phone until 18, we will give her $1,800 on her 18th Bday! So far so good! She's 16 and a very cool, confidant, active teen! She has IG on my phone so she can check it when she wants. She often forgets about it! She does not have SnapChat and she has lots of great friends! It can be done parents!! 

How to set up parent controls on every digital device, by Protect Young Eyes.

Social Media and Mobile Phone Contract by Culture Reframed.

Dr. John Foubert, Protecting Children from Internet Pornography, great book, I highly recommend. Written from a Christian author, researcher and advocate. 


MAGIC LANTERN PICTURES: has made a couple of hard to watch but essential to watch documentaries, I'd recommend. Raised on Porn and what the porn culture is creating in their next documentary Liberated, The New Sexual Revolution. These are upsetting to watch but helpful to know this is what we are fighting against. Not for kids! 

BRAIN, HEART, WORLD by Fight the New Drug. Very well done, 3 part documentaries following the journey of people struggling with porn. 

Colin Kartchner, TED Talk



Save the Kids 

Gail Dines (this is the global expert! Any of her interviews are highly informative. Especially after watching Liberated by Magic Lanterns listen to this commentary of the film and hook up culture) 

How to Detox Your Kids 

The US Surgeon General's Dire Social Media Warning 

Hey right now, it often feels like these are our kids in the middle by themselves! :( If you could decrease your child's screentime there would be more kids in the middle, playing, laughing, learning people and social skills, getting healthy and active, decreasing addictive behaviour, allowing their brains and bodies to grow and develop! Let's fight together to raise FUN ACTIVE kids that will become healthy and engaged adults and parents!