About Us

More people live in slavery today than ever before.

That's NOT OKAY with me! 



My name is Naomi, the last three years I have been what's called a SAHWM (stay at home working Mom). My husband pastors a small church in rural Alberta, we have two kids ages 13 and 9.

Up until a few years ago I worked for the SA (Servants Anonymous) Foundation, a Canadian organization specializing in setting up long term recovery programs around the world. I did fund & project development, was a house mom in the recovery home for a couple years and helped start SAF's first international project in Nepal. While in Nepal I also started my first social enterprise. I truly had no idea what I was doing but what I knew was that to keep women from being forced to sell their bodies, they needed sustainable dignified employment! 

Here are some fun pictures of the first handicraft business I started in Kathmandu, Nepal! Those first woolen items were so terrible! It's really a miracle they sold!! They were so itchy. 


Eventually we lined them with fleece and boy were they warm. It was pretty hard for the women to knit in the hottest season of the year in full humidity. 

Since we could only sell toques for part of the year I decided to get into jewelry. I had never made a piece of jewelry my entire life! I had to get my husband, who is a fly-tier to help me and teach me knots and other techniques. 

I used to sit surrounded by bags of beads, completely overwhelmed with no clue how to put two beads together. Thank God, he always sent me volunteers with experience and knowledge! I used to joke that in the Bible Jesus caused people to see. Well, in our case he definitely gave them momentary blindness to buy our jewelry! 

In 2017, I regretfully stepped away from SA Foundation to be home with the kids. However, I soon realized I still needed a platform to keep speaking about the global sex trade - a cause that I feel called to give my life to. Redeemed was started accidentally and has continued to grow and gain momentum. We started redeeming old belts and turning them into cuffs. I just loved the symbolism of taking old discarded belts, investing in them and giving them new life! Exactly what every sexually exploited person needs and deserves. 


The only problem is, I didn't really know what I was doing. Once again, God sent helpers. Here I am getting a lesson on pounding snaps, collecting belt donations and cutting my first pair of leather earrings. 

2021 - Sometimes I question if I’m having a large enough impact but now as we enter year four, I celebrate that we have a strong following, amazing supporters including brand reps, multiple businesses who are as committed as we are and together, we have given away over $20,500.00!

LORD WILLING - someday I perhaps we can add more zeros to that number!



(Above) One of the incredible helpers the Lord has sent me. This is Leona who takes all the gorgeous product shots! 


  • A new charity is chosen every summer and announced in the fall.
  • Recipient charity will receive 50% of net proceeds from September - June, this is donated twice a year. Amount donated once confirmed by the charity is shared on social media and our website. Proceeds over the summer go towards raw materials for next season.
  • Charities are chosen based on their work with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation or work against this crime, have charitable status, provide professional brochures and project information, have a solid reputation and a proven history of success, a minimum of five years old and be willing to share our posts on their social media (monthly) and website
  • Charity from 2017-2018 SA Foundation received $5,500.00 (our first year we gave away 100%)
  • Charity from 2018 - 2019 Mully Children’s Foundation, the largest family in the world! $3,546.00
  • Charity from September 1 2019 - August 31, 2020 is LIFT International working in some of the darkest corners of the world in Thailand $5,544.00
  • Charity from September 2020 - Defend Dignity, working with businesses and governments to push for change here in Canada Donated $6,000 in January 2021. 
  • Total given away to date:  Cdn $20,590.00

If you are passionate about fighting this cause, if you love our stuff, join us! Spread the word, gift Redeemed, share the love on social media, apply to be a brand rep, collab, etc. You name it! The opportunities are endless for those who seek justice. I can't wait to connect with you or see you sweet name on our order list! 

"Each time you spend money you cast a vote on the kind of world you live in." 

Anna Lape



Naomi Holland 


p.s. Purchasing our jewelry should not replace actual donations given directly to charities. Let's be honest donations go much farther than a purchase. We encourage you to do both if you can! Thank you :)