100% of profit donated to HER VICTORY CALGARY to redeem lives devastated by sex trafficking.

How Redeemed Started, June 2017

The idea of Redeemed With Purpose started with a friend showing me how she converted her dear Father's old belt into a beautiful cuff as a way to remember him. I was so touched by that gesture and also loved the repurposing aspect of it that a business idea was quickly born.
Soon I was scavenging thrift stores and asking friends for unwanted belts. Living in Cowboy Country (Sundre, Alberta) there are lots of old Cowboys around with a great collection of well-worn belts! I was in heaven.
Exhibit A: our good friend Clancy, who still gives me belts, some that he tooled himself. I almost called this business Clancy's Closet in those early days!
A dedicated group of volunteers quickly formed who shared my vision to repurpose belts as a way to support frontline charities helping to redeem lives affected by sex slavery. The symbolism of redeeming unwanted damaged belts and the life saving work of these dedicated charities, who invest in rebuilding lives devasted by sex slavery was not lost on our volunteers and growing base of new customers.
Thus the name Redeemed With Purpose.