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What Was the Big Deal with the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show?!

I could not have written my thoughts any better than this well-thought out article. Why were all those on the frontlines of the battle against commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking so upset by this performance? Here's why:
Follow up: According to Exodus cry after the Super Bowl, searches on Pornhub for Shakira went up 1401% and for JLo 381%. We cannot expect this kind of overtly sexual performance not to have an impact on men and boys.
Exodus Cry writes,
"Make no mistake, sexual objectification fuels the demand for commercial sex. The demand for commercial sex fuels trafficking. Decisions have consequences. This is not about shaming a specific performer. It's about looking at the larger story of our sexual-image-obsessed culture and asking if this is really what we want to immerse our children in."