100% of profit donated to HER VICTORY CALGARY to redeem lives devastated by sex trafficking.

Redeeming Belts, Redeeming Lives, Spring 2018

Some of the belts that were donated to us were in rough shape. They had been well used, well loved and seemed to each have a story to tell. As the volunteers and I gently washed them, oiled them and restored them they were transformed before our eyes. Each belt took on a new identity and a new purpose reminding us the reason why Redeemed With Purpose exists - to help redeem lives devastated by sex slavery.
The young women coming out of the sex trade are battered and broken. Suffering from a life of unspeakable abuse, neglect and violence. Unlike the well-loved and worn belts, survivors of sex trafficking have never been loved. Each one with their own story to tell as well.
Yet with the right care, given time and opportunity to heal, these lives too can be restored and redeemed! As the frontline charities we support pour into these precious women, their scars and battle wounds become symbols of courage, perseverence and strength. Their stories become testimonies. They are redeemed from victims to SURVIVORS.
When you purchase a piece of Redeemed jewerly you support this important work. 50% of net proceeds are donated to carefully chosen charities with a reputable history working with survivors and restoring lives!
Please share our story and jewelry and join us in making a larger impact.