Vision Partners & Wholesale Opportunities

40 million people live in slavery today according to the Global Slavery Index. 50% of victims are children. Of those enslaved many are forced into sexual slavery. Much of their abuse is filmed and distributed as 'entertainment' (porn). No one freely chooses this lifestyle, it chooses them.
As William Wilberforce dedicated his life to eradicating the African slave trade, we too must be committed to ending the modern day slave trade! We each have a role to play to intervene, speak up, pray and act on behalf of these innocent lives and fight for their freedom.
Redeemed with Purpose exists to raise awareness on sexual exploitation, human trafficking and its silent partner online sexual abuse (previously termed porn). Our mission is to empower consumers to make a difference with their shopping choices and strengthen the work of frontlines charities.
To do this, we sacrificially donate 50% of net proceeds to carefully chosen frontline charities. As of spring 2021, we have given away over $20,500.00!!!
If you are a business owner and you'd like to do your part to fight this global injustice we invite you to:
1. Purchase a minimum of $300 Cdn worth of jewelry at a wholesale discount of 20 - 25% OFF recommended retail price. Your discount amount is up to you. Shipping is on us. Pricing, sales, marketing, etc. are completely up to the business owner.
2. Thai bangles: As we do not make these we offer regular wholesale pricing on the Thai bangles with a minimum purchase of 100 bangles. Please emails us for a price list. 
If either of these options interest you please contact us. We will promote and highlight all partner businesses regularly on our website and social media.
In It To End It,