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2018-2019 Charity, Mully Children's Family

50% of the net proceeds from Redeemed are donated to the Mully Children's Family, the largest family in the world!
Why we love MCF is that it is a local Kenyan family who have opened their hearts and homes to the most destitute children of Kenya. Having once been an orphan himself, Father Mully understands the heartache and pain and he has dedicated his life to making sure as many children have a home and someone to call Mom and Dad as possible!
In particular we are directing our support to the young women's home, called YATTA.
"MCF Yatta was established in 2001 to provide a safe haven and a vocational training centre for the street girls, child-mothers, abused and neglected street destitute girls. It is a home for vulnerable girls rescued from the streets and pangs of poverty among the host of several societal ills that befell their respective families. It targets girl child who were either child mothers, or rescued child labourers, child convicts, children exposed to child prostitution, abandoned, ostracized from their families due to either pregnancy and child bearing or refusal to child marriage when required by the family."
None of these young women/girls chose their life, it chose them. If they were our girls we would move heaven and hell to rescue and restore. Why would we not do the same for another woman's child?